We have buyers in search of these homes/properties right now!

These home buyers are committed and in an active search to purchase a new to them home or property. On this page you will see descriptions of what each home buyer is searching for in a home/property, their price range, time frame… as much information as we can provide to help describe their needs/wants.

Real estate listings/inventory is at an all time low and home buyers are struggling to find the properties they desire. With over 15 years in the business Brandi knows that match-making home buyers and sellers who have off-the-market properties can help combat low inventory woes and create some really happy home buyers and sellers.

If you or someone you know has a home or property that might fit one of these home buyer searches… please schedule a time to talk with Brandi – SCHEDULE CALL to discuss how this might work, if it’s a good time for you to sell and then if you want to move forward, we can schedule a time to look at your home or property for a market evaluation.

This is a list of our most active buyer needs/wants. We have many, many more buyers looking for similar variations of these properties too. If you have something that doesn’t exactly fit one of the buyers below… don’t hesitate to contact Brandi above – we may still have the perfect buyer!

Need to find yourself a new home/property before you can sell one? No worries, you can start your search here… HOME SEARCH or contact Brandi to add your home search to this list!

Acreage in South Hamilton school district… need 3-4 bedroom home with 1.5 or more bathrooms, 3+ acres with outbuilding(s) suitable for sheep/pigs, closer to Jewell the better, prefer move in ready & willing to cosmetically update home if needed. This family is pre-approved up to $275,000, currently rent and can purchase/move immediately.

Acreage within 20 mins of Jewell… need 3-4 bedroom home with 2 or more bathrooms, 4+ acres, prefer move in ready, acreage & barn(s) suitable for horses, gravel road ok, prefer quiet road and no close neighbors. This family does not need to sell their current home & would like to purchase something in April to July. Up to $300,000.

Acreage within 10 miles of Roland… would like 3-4 bedrooms, 2 or more bathrooms, prefer a home in good shape, need and want outbuilding(s), gravel road is ok and at least 3 acres. They have a budget up to $250,000 and do have a home they’ll need to sell to buy. Flexible on timing.

Acreage in Radcliffe or Ellsworth area… 3-5 bedrooms, 2 or more bathrooms, would love 5 or more acres and need an outbuilding big enough for a semi. Willing to do cosmetic updates and other minor repairs but home & buildings need to be solid. Gravel road is ok, although pavement is preferable. Up to $300,000 for the ideal property.

Acreage in Boone school district… prefer east of Boone (toward Ames) but open to options, 4-5 bedroom home, prefer a ranch style home, 2 or more bedrooms, finished basement, large open floor plan, would like a large workshop of building worthy of becoming a workshop. This family currently has an acreage they’ll need to sell, ideally 2-3 months from now & have a budget in the $400,000-$500,000 range.

Acreage in South Hamilton school district… 5 bedrooms, or 4 beds with at least one big bedroom that 2 kids can share, minimum of 2 bathrooms, ranch with finished basement or a 2 story is fine, gravel or pavement, must have a garage (att or det), would love an outbuilding, big yard for kids & dog. This family does have a home to sell, flexible on timing but prefer to do something before next school year starts, they’re pre-approved and want to be $250,000 or under.

Acreage within 10 miles of Randall… prefer newer home or completely remodeled older home, 3+ bedrooms, 2 or more bathrooms, must have an attached garage, outbuildings a plus, 3 or more acres and gravel or paved road. They do have their current home to sell & would like to stay $300,000 or under.

Acreage close to Ellsworth… 2 or more bedrooms, 1.5 or more bathrooms, would love 5-15 acres, room for horses, goats, chickens, must have outbuildings, willing to look at fixer upper homes. They do NOT have to sell anything to purchase, price will vary according to size & condition, would like to stay under $250,000.

Acreage in Roland Story school district (or close to it)… 4 bedrooms will work, 5 bedrooms would be better! Must have minimum of 2 full bathrooms. Outbuildings a plus, house must be in great, updated condition and prefer open floor plan. Large yard off the road preferred as they have small children. They do have a home to sell and would like to be in the $300,000-$400,000 range.

Acreage within 30 minutes of Story City… 2-3 bedrooms, 1 or more bathrooms, willing to update as long as house is solid, must have a garage (att or det) that a 3/4 ton pickup will fit in! 2 or more acres, outbuildings in good shape are a plus and pavement is a plus. This buyer does NOT have anything to sell, ready and looking for a property right now up to $150,000.

Executive acreage from Webster City to Ames… ideal property to include timber, river, pond, farm ground or combination of all 4! Buyers prefer a large, newer, one level home with open floor plan, 3 car attached garage and large outbuilding. Price dependant on features, size & condition of home & property. Do NOT need to sell, very flexible on timing and up to $750,000.

Single family home in Story City… 4 or more bedrooms, at least 2 bathrooms, prefer a ranch home with finished basement but would consider a 2 story or a basement that could be finished, must have a big yard, fenced yard a plus & must have a 2 car or larger garage. This family is pre-approved, has a home to sell and prefers to stay in the $250,000 range.

Single family home in Jewell, Ellsworth or Stanhope… 2 or more bedrooms, would love 1.5 or more bathrooms, must have a garage and in good to great shape. Does NOT have anything to sell, currently rents without a lease and is pre-approved to $100,000

Single family home in Huxley… 2 or more bedroom, 1.5 or more bathrooms, must be a ranch style home & small yard is ok. Preferably located south of Centennial Park, north of Oak Boulevard and east of Hwy 69. Nothing to sell, ready and looking now but flexible and up to $250,000

Single family home or acreage in or close to Jewell… 5 bedroom home (or possibility of 5 beds), at least 2 full bathrooms, big yard (think dogs & kids!) and a large garage/parking area. Open to 2 story or ranch homes & prefer move in ready home/property. They do have a home to sell and would like to stay $225,000 or under.

Single family home in Story City, Roland, Nevada… 2 or more bedrooms, 1.5 or more bathrooms, clean, move in ready condition with nice updates and extra large garage. Bonus parking area a plus. Does have a home to sell, pre-approved and ready to spend up to $150,000

Single family home or acreage in Ballard school district… looking for 3-5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms minor cosmetic updates ok but prefer move in ready home, must have big garage or outbuilding, large yard or 2+ acres. They do have a home to sell and want to be in the $250,000-$300,000 range.

Building sites/abandoned acreages/bare ground – have several buyers who are ready, willing & able to buy properties where they can build new homes. Open to old abandoned acreages with no home, large/small chunks of timber ground or acreages with a house/buildings that need torn down. Price will vary on location, gravel or paved road, utilities (well, electric, septic), condition of house and/or buildings and size of property. I have at least 3 serious buyers and another 3-4 that would entertain options.

Investment properties/rentals – I have multiple buyers for properties that would make good rental properties both residential and commerical – price to vary on size, rentability (ROI), condition and type.

Project Homes/Fixer Uppers/Short Sale Homes – Have 2 guys that buy properties to fix up and re-sell, their funds are available for 1-2 projects at a time and will be based on how much time & money it will take to get the property sold and what the property will be worth once it’s rehabbed. These guys want properties that are 15-30% under-value. The draw for sellers is they’re usually cash deals that can close very quickly and painlessly. Ideal for estates, out of town owners or the seller that just wants out quick.