Uncategorized January 3, 2017

It’s 2017… now what?

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Woohoo, it’s 2017! I’ve got all my resolutions made, goals set, plans in the works, a brand new year to look ahead to… but… wait… maybe we should start with a little reality…

The last 10 days have been great. I had a wonderful Christmas, played with some new kitchen gadgets & gifts, spent time with the family (but not too much time!), had two closings, celebrated a couple of birthdays, enjoyed a few late night/early mornings with friends, ate some really awesome food (maybe a little too much), slept til 8/9/10am everyday, relished a few really quiet hours setting up my new office, popped by a few clients to say Happy Holidays, did the whole shop/spend/return thing, ran errands for the hubby, spoiled my dogs rotten with naps/walks/cuddling,  completely cleared out our Tivo and actually loved my 10 days “off”.

It all started to go downhill about 1pm yesterday… panic and dread started to set in…


Like, actually, really work. I know, everyone does and I’m not special. Not looking for sympathy or anything, its just never really hit me like it did this year. You see I rarely take days in a row off. There have been a few vacations where we’ve left the country, I had zero communication but the longest was 7 days and I’m usually a wreck before & after. There are times when I “say” I’m off work but I’m still checking emails, answering calls and my mind is still in real estate mode because I truly love my job. I rarely think of it as work.

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My alarm went off at 5:30 this morning (Resolution #1). My FitBit silent alarm went off at 5:45. My overly ambitious self sent me a an appointment reminder at 6am that I should already be downstairs working out (Resolution #2). I literally sent a SnapChat from my bed about how unexcited I was about going back to work. At 7am I opened the fridge to find a lot of pre-made, healthy food, fruits and veggies (Resolution #3)… to be honest, it was already looking bad for the future of my resolutions. It’s early, it’s cold & windy outside, it’s January, whose bright idea was this?

But then it was like a little miracle… the phone rang…it was a new prospective client that had been referred to me (a glowing, only person you should use, type referral), then an email from a client I thought had given up the search for real estate saying they want to buy in the next 60 days, then a call from a lender that wants to do lunch and see what they can do better this year… and then the stars aligned, my to do list reappeared, ideas started flying onto the paper and I’M BAAAACK!!

Here’s to 2017 and getting back to my routine. Yes, there are some changes I’d like to make, some improvements I hope to make and new projects to start. But I’m really happy to be back to work! Speaking of which… gotta go…I need to drink another 20 oz of water (Resolution #4), still have lots of clients to call (Resolution #5)…