Uncategorized September 29, 2016

It’s the annoying little things…

Yesterday I was walking thru Lowes picking up some lightbulbs and spray paint (that’s a whole ‘nother story) when I spotted the one thing I desperately needed, staring at me right there on an end cap, the one thing that could make my entire life better, lower my blood pressure… a small, glorious can of WD40.


Cory and I have lived on our acreage for a little over 18 years now. We live in your typical old farmhouse circa 1910 and our abstract even notes that it all started with “a cabin of unknown origin.” Needless to say its been updated and remodeled numerous times over its 106 year lifetime but let’s face it, she’s still old.

When we bought this place we were young and…poor. We bought all we could afford at the time and we were delighted! Oh the things we were going to do to this place. Now 18 years later, 3 sets of carpet, a kitchen remodel, 2 roofs, new siding, new windows, new furnace and a/c and countless coats of paint we still have a lot we want/need to do. But it’s the littlest of things that annoy me the most.

For 18 years the hinges on the cupboard in the bathroom and our bedroom door have creaked. In the early years it wasn’t annoying, no it was the cute reminder and euphoria of owning a home with character. In the mid years it was a slight nudge, gentle reminder of the list of things we really need to work on & update. But now? Now it’s just downright, absolutely, ANNOYING. I can hear the bathroom cupboard open from clear upstairs (it’s downstairs) and every time one of us gets up in the night to go to the bathroom the creak in the bedroom door wakes the other one up. CREEEAAAAK… (insert high pitched scream!)

I quickly picked up the can of WD40 and hurried home, I couldn’t wait. I dug thru my shopping bags, grabbed the can, awkwardly inserted the straw thingy into the spray nozzle thingy and went to work. I WD40’d every single hinge in our entire house. I was a woman on mission, no more creaky hinges on my watch! Something that’s been irritating me for 18 years took me all of 5 minutes to fix. Why on earth did I wait so long?

I now have 95% of the bottle of WD40 left and I quickly hit up Google to see what else I could use it for, check this out… Almost 2,000 uses for WD40 … Who knew?

This morning without thinking I opened up the bathroom cupboard and it hit me… no creaking!!! It was glorious!!! Now if I can just figure out how to make the dirty clothes put themselves in the washer…