Uncategorized August 15, 2013

It does the soul good…

It does the soul good, well my soul anyway! “It” was a day of doing things I wanted to do… not things I had to do, or needed to do but wanted to do. Now don’t get too excited I didn’t do everything I wanted to do, nor did I do anything too exciting. It was just a nice day of stuff.

Stuff like washing all of the blankets in the house, straightening some of my signs, cleaning out my fridge, planning an “outside the box” Realtor open house, creating a new pasta dish, deleting a ton of old emails, going on a long walk, sorting through my work bag (think briefcase), spending a little time outside, actually reading my goals for the year, de-cluttering my laundry room, firing up the smoker & making pulled pork, taking new pictures at one of my listings, picking up all of Bear’s (our chocolate lab) junk he’s strewn over the yard, showing a great house to two young couples, getting a peanut butter malt at Sweet Treats and finally sitting in bed with my laptop & cleaning up Tivo.

Sounds crazy right? Let’s think about a couple of these… my goals for the year are posted everywhere, they’re in my planner, in my closet, on my bathroom wall, they’re my screen saver, they’re in my car, on my desk… you get the picture, they’re everywhere. I see them every day but its been forever since I’ve actually read them & thought about them. Where am I at? What have I accomplished? Am I ahead, on track, behind? What do I need to do to make my goals by year end. I set some pretty ambitious goals for this year and I’m a little behind where I planned to be but now I know that and I know what I need to do by year end.

The fridge was one of those things that irked me every time I opened it. It wasn’t horrible or anything just a little spill here, last weeks left overs there , 3 bottles 1/4 full of Ranch dressing, etc. I’d open up the fridge, notice it and then it would bug me because I was on my way out the door & didn’t have time to fix it. So today I did it – threw out stuff we’ve never opened & obviously won’t, washed & dried all the shelves & drawers and I condensed down to one bottle of Ranch. 

The blankets… were they dirty? Probably not but now I know they are clean & fresh. Bear’s junk in the yard… will that be the end of it? No probably not but for one day the yard looks great. The new pasta dish I tried… is it awesome? Eh, it was good but not great. But its one less recipe on my to try list. Will my work bag stay sorted & organized… never! But for a few days I’ll be able to quickly & easily find things in there. 

I know, I know, now that I see it in print it doesn’t seem like much and trust me there’s a million more things I could have done. But its truly amazing how together I feel. Just a few things off my mind and I’m ready to get back to my normal grind tomorrow!