Blog Posts December 3, 2012

Top 10 Things I Learned this Weekend…

This is the 14th year that I’ve gone first season shotgun hunting for deer. We’ve had generally the same eclectic, safe, fun group the whole time. Deer season is just like the real estate business… there are never two deals or hunts exactly alike, its always changing.

So now, the Top 10 things I learned this year…

#10 – If you sit in the timber by yourself long enough, your mind will soon turn anything into a deer, including trees, weeds, rocks, branches…

#9 – There is a very fine line between having enough warm clothes on to sit in the timber for 2 hours & having on so many you sweat to death on the walk in or out.

#8 – Even though I don’t speak squirrel, I can still tell when I’m being chewed out by one.

#7 – Although I’m very happy its not 10 below, windy, freezing rain or waist deep in snow… 62 degrees & sunny might be a little too extreme the other way.

#6 – Walking through a patch of cockle burs is bad but worse is the moment you realize the only way out is to walk back thru them again.

#5 – Even Marley thinks I’m insane when I  get up at 5:30am on a Sunday.

#4 – “The Big Deer” stories are just as good as “Big Fish” stories and they want seem to get better as the night goes on.

#3 – When I’m dressed in a blaze orange hat, vest & gloves on opening day of deer season and someone asks if I’m hunting, i really really want to reply… here’s your sign!

#2 – You just cant beat the rush of adrenaline you get when you can see the deer headed right to you.

#1 – Dressed in blaze orange, full of stickers, sweaty & smelly, smeared blood on my jeans and people still feel comfortable enough to ask me about real estate… I love my job!