Uncategorized May 16, 2012

I need, I need, I need…acreages!

I need acreages…to sell that is.

I try not to use this blog to sell anything but this is serious and I’m getting desperate. I need more acreages to sell. I have buyers that are ready, willing and able to buy right now. But they have specific needs & wants. I need your help to find these acreages!!

Specifically I need…

  • an acreage with 100-200 acres, south or south central Iowa, suitable for deer and/or pheasant hunting
  • farm land, tillable, 40-200 acres, central Iowa
  • an acreage with 10+ acres, suitable for horses, nice home with 3+ bedrooms, anywhere from Huxley to Webster City, $400,000 or less
  • an acreage with 20-80 acres, pasture for cows, with our without a home, Ames to Jewell area
  • an acreage 2-5 acres, home with 3-5 bedrooms, within 10 minutes of Nevada, $175,000 or under
  • an acreage within the South Hamilton school district, 2-7 acres, 4-6 bedrooms,  $170,000 or under
  • an acreage between Jewell & Webster City, 2-5 acres, 4-6 bedrooms, move in ready, $200,000 or under
  • acreages to rent or buy on contract within 20 mins of Ames