Blog Posts February 16, 2012

Crazy time… crazy time…

It’s a crazy time I tell ya. It’s mid February, we should be knee-deep in snow with a blizzard on the way, real estate should be at a standstill and I should trying to emerge from my winter hibernation. Instead its mid February, it was nearly 50 degrees today, the real estate market is hot and I’m definitely not hibernating!

Hopefully you remember my post I Just Survived My 1st Night at my 2nd Job where I talked about taking a once a week, night job because it was almost winter, real estate was going to slow down, I’m nearly a hermit… you get the point. Well the interesting thing is I just gave up my night gig because I’m too busy! Yes middle of winter in Iowa and I’m too busy, I love it!

The market is hot, rates are at the lowest they’ve ever been, there are some great deals out there and buyers are starting to pick them up. For the time being its a great buyers market and a great sellers market, it’s the best of both worlds. Do I think it will last forever? No way. Right now we border on not having enough inventory (listings) so there’s some pent-up demand. Rates may stay low or they may rise, if they rise then buyers won’t be able to afford as much home. Rents are going up, way up – many renters will soon realize buying is the better way to go.

Needless to say its a crazy time but I’m excited. I’m excited to be really busy again, I’m excited to help clients with what may be the biggest financial decision of their lives, I’m excited to be a Realtor in such a crazy market and I’m excited to ramp up my business. Watch the next few days for some new promotions – I need your help to make my business bigger & better.