Uncategorized January 2, 2012

Blah, Blah, Blah…

I hate to admit it but that’s what I feel this time of year, blah.

Christmas is over & everyone is taking down their lights and decorations. Now all the houses & stores look blah.

All of my favorite TV shows are re-runs & I’ve completely cleaned out my TiVo stash. Re-runs are blah over & over again.

I got several gift cards for Christmas & I was excited to go out & buy some new stuff. Then I went shopping only to find out that although there are some good sales, most of the sizes & colars are picked over & the remaining inventory is blah.

Although I’m extremely happy that we haven’t had any snow yet & we are slowly whittling away at winter, even the great outdoors looks blah. The grass is a dull brown-gray, the trees are all dead looking and it definitely looks blah for miles & miles.

Everyone is on “holiday” break & it seems the whole world has come to a halt. Now my business is blah while I try to refrain from bugging people while they’re enjoying their family time.

I’ve spent an entire week trying to act like I think I’m supposed to during holiday break while my brain is screaming “get to work”. Now that I’ve goofed off, slept in, laid on the couch & eaten everything in sight for over a week even my brain is starting to feel blah!

So, that’s it. Today is my last day of blah. I’m doing some final clean up in the house. Business goals for the year, month & weeks have been finalized. I’ve got list upon list of things to do, to try and to get.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 3rd 2012 will officially kick off my best, most productive and “not-blah” year! Here’s to you & yours having a great 2012 too!