Uncategorized November 29, 2011

I survived my 1st night at my 2nd job…

Ok, ok, 2nd job might be a little bit of an exaggeration… it’s more of a 3-4 hour gig bartending on Monday nights. No, I’m not quitting real estate either.

Last night was my first night bartending at the bowling alley in Story City, well not my first night ever, years ago when I first got married I bartended and last year I was a fill in bartender at the bowling alley a few nights. Monday night is a men’s league night so there are about 35 guys who bowl every week and I had another 8-10 people who just stopped in for food or drinks. Everyone was very nice and very patient with me. It’ll take me a little while to remember the regular orders and for the prices to just roll off my tongue easily. But it was actually pretty fun.

I took this “2nd job” for several reasons… it’s nearly winter in Iowa and my real estate business will slow down until spring, who couldn’t use a few extra dollars each week and let’s be honest, I’m nearly a hermit.

It’s nearly winter in Iowa and my real estate business will slow down until spring. I can just see my sister rolling her eyes at this statement. I swear I say this every year, followed by the big list of things I’m going to get done around the house, all the calls I’m going to make and how much time I’ll have to pop-by clients. Yep, never happens quite like I think. You see even I fall prey to the media and the water cooler talk too. Even now I find myself making lists of things I should get done, things to keep me busy this winter and this job was just that, another way to stay busy. My sister will be the first to tell you that by spring I’ll be complaining about all the things I didn’t get done because I was “un-seasonably” busy this winter!

Who couldn’t use a few extra dollars each week? I drive a big, gas guzzling vehicle and I love it except when I have to fill it up! A few hours of bartending can pay for quite a few gallons of gas. Unlike the media would have you believe, real estate has been good this year. I’d honestly say a little slower than last year and yes, our prices have come down a little too but nothing like you hear about on the coasts. I’m just like everyone else and I’m watching my expenses, trying to make savvy purchases and now I’ve found a way to bring in a few extra dollars each week – score!!

Let’s be honest, I’m nearly a hermit. Yep, now I can see my husband and my sister elbowing each other… they’ve known this for years. Don’t get me wrong, I love people and it’s not like I hate going out in public or anything but I love to be at home too. And winter makes it even worse. I don’t like to go out in the cold, nasty weather, I can sit at home with a blanket & Marley on my lap while I make calls & work on the computer, I can eat grilled cheese sandwiches & soup every day, etc. Having this “2nd job” gets me out of the house at least one night a week, I get to meet & greet new people and it’s really going to help with my math skills too. Let’s just say Realtors use calculators for everything!

So if you’re bored on Monday nights… you know where to find me!