Uncategorized November 5, 2011

Just a lazy Saturday right?

I was really thinking that I’d take the day today and be lazy, I mean that’s what weekends should be for right? I was going to sleep in, then move to the couch and work really hard at cleaning up TiVo, maybe watch a movie, snuggle with Marley and a blanket… let’s get real, I’ve never been able to do this and should have been a little more realistic.

First Cory & Marley got up at 6:15 and well, I was already awake so I thought I should just get up. I went downstairs and realized I hadn’t put dishes in the dishwasher from last night and I should just get coffee ready for tomorrow. When I took Marley outside I noticed the 10 million leaves that had blown up to the front door, so I got a broom and with the help of the wind got those moved out. Then I thought I better let Bruno (our hunting dog) out so that he could blow off some steam & threw a ball for the dogs to chase for a while. Upon coming back in the house I noticed Cory’s clothes hamper was full so I started some laundry. K, I’m really hungry by now… and I’m out of cereal, better start a grocery list. Don’t I need light bulbs too? Yep, this is exactly where my entire day got derailed.

I remembered that we had a bulb out under our built-in microwave above our stove. So I looked under there to see what kind/size I needed. Only to notice how badly I needed to clean under there… so I grabbed my favorite Clorox wipes and went to work. Then I noticed there was writing under there… “FILTERS SHOULD BE REMOVED & CLEANED WITH SOAPY WATER MONTHLY.” Filters? What filters? OH my Lord, those filters. I removed the two silvery, mesh filters grossly clogged with I don’t even want to know what and started cleaning them. We’ve had that darn microwave for 2 years now and this is the first time I’ve cleaned them. Gross.

I made the same comment on Facebook to quickly learn that I am not the only person who hadn’t and/or didn’t know these should be cleaned regularly. I was very relieved to learn that I’m not alone but it got me thinking about how many other things I may be neglecting? I mean I am the one that sends out reminders every month to change your furnace filter, check the salt in your softener (if you have one) and treat your septic system if you live in the country. Now it was really bugging me so I spent about an hour on the internet researching all the crap, sorry I mean stuff, you should be doing on a regular basis in your home. Don’t worry, I’ll be gracing all of you with my new knowledge soon!

So now here I am and its 2:20. I still haven’t eaten anything and my day has been anything but a lazy Saturday. On a brighter note, my kitchen is sparkling clean, I’ve done 3 loads of laundry, the dogs are all exhausted & napping, there are 10 million more leaves by the front door, I’ve written another blog and probably saved the life of my microwave (not really but it sounded good).

Now I’ve got to make an appetizer and get ready to go visit the family! I guess it’s still been a great day!