Blog Posts October 19, 2011

Good news, bad news…

Its only 11:15 and its been an up and down day already. Got up early, ready to conquer the world and set out to make lots of calls & sends even more emails.

Bad news first – In my first 10 calls I found out that one of my buyer prospects just signed a one year rental lease and is giving up on looking for a home, another found an acreage that is for sale by owner & is buying it on contract (I have to admit he’s also getting a good deal too), another prospective listing is positive the market will be better in the spring (even though I argued otherwise), a high-end home in Ames is listing with another agent because he’s cheaper (note they didn’t say better, just cheaper) and another buyer can’t get financing for probably a year. Add to this that its Wednesday, which means its Wacky Wednesday lunch day and the agents from the office are going to lunch at the new Noodles & Company in Ames. Ugh, whose bright idea was it to go on a  hunger strike (read: restaurant strike) anyway!

Never fear, I have a goal and I’m sticking to it. I need to make a minimum of 25 calls today. My goal is to get through my entire database (768 people as of today) by Thanksgiving. I’ve made 11 calls, I’ve already returned emails, worked on stuff for my open house tomorrow at 2230 Timberland Rd, Ames (hint, hint – come check it out!!) and now I’m trying to update my listings on the million different websites we use for marketing.

Now the Good news – an agent just called to take a 2nd look at a property (she said they really like it & may have theirs sold), two buyers want to look at new listings, meeting a buyer tomorrow night to talk about writing an offer on a property (yeah!!), got an email inquiry on one of my listings and a prospective seller wants to proceed with getting his house listed.

All in all that’s not too bad, things may be looking up!!