Uncategorized October 10, 2011

Me vs. The Market

I’ve decided to launch a battle… Me vs. The Market!

It all started when I had successfully cleaned out our Tivo. I was searching our 500+ cable channels for something interesting to watch and settled on the Travel Channel. Have you see the show Man vs. Food? I was completely entranced. Each week Adam Richman travels across the country competing in the country’s most compelling food challenges. He goes in, checks out the place, the food & the challenge and then sits down to accomplish the impossible. Its really cool, most of the time he “wins” and occasionally the food gets the upper hand.

After I watched all of the episodes that I could find, I realized the reason I like it so much is that he’s almost always the underdog, yet he’s good at it. When they show you the amount of food he’s about to eat, you don’t think there’s any way he can do it. But let’s look a little bit closer… he’s always got a plan on how he’s going to attack the task at hand, he systematically goes to work, they usually show you all of the people who have & haven’t succeeded and there’s a huge crowd of fans cheering him on. Then the best part… they always interview a few people at the end of the show to see what they thought about the challenge and how Adam did. He meets great people everywhere he goes & eats tremendous food.

It’s sooo much like real estate and my business. I set out to list & sell properties, I have a business plan and goals, I have systems that help me accomplish these tasks, I’m faced daily with negative impact of the media and the positive attitude of my company. I have a cheering squad a mile wide in my family, friends, business partners and past/current clients. I always look for feedback after every transaction. And the people that I’ve met along my journey and the lessons learned are priceless.

So each month I’ll post the statistics, good or bad, on how I’m doing vs. how the average Realtor is doing. Let’s hope I can keep up!! If you’d like to know how I’m doing each month make sure I have your email address so I can send you the stats or you can subscribe to my blog.