Uncategorized October 7, 2011

I’m in a “funk”

What a weird day… I can only refer to my mood as I’m in a “funk”.

It all started after watching the Stanford commencement speech by Steve Jobs. I’m now obsessed with the death of Steve Jobs. And yes I do realize this is a man I never met, never even wanted to meet and honestly didn’t know a lot about until today. On the other hand, this man single handedly touched the daily lives, businesses and futures of every person on earth. He was an amazing visionary, incredible business man and had an uncanny knack for making the complicated simple. He was young (by most standards), intelligent, extremely wealthy, wise and had everything… but his health. And now he’s gone.

So I head to the office. Where I soon realize this “funk” isn’t going away. I’m mad at myself for wasting time thinking about a man I never met, I’m feeling extremely blessed to have everything that I have in my life, I’m feeling like a slacker for not taking advantage of the many opportunities in front of me, I’m crabby because there are a lot of things I feel I don’t have control over, I’m elated that my new nephew (Jett Taylor Tjernagel) was born today and the list of ups and downs goes on and on.

Now its only 6:45 and I’m in bed, in my sweats & watching a weeks worth of soaps that I’ve tivoed (is that a word? if it isn’t it should be) and I’m still in a “funk”. Cory (my husband, for those that don’t know him) is on his way home from a work function in Chicago and Marley (my beloved Schnoodle) is laying at my feet wondering why I don’t want to play. Cory leaves again tomorrow and will be gone til Sunday evening, I have a “want to get done” list a full page long and a “to do” list at least 3 pages long. I want to go see Jett tomorrow, I should go to a visitation for a friends brother who died way to young tomorrow evening and let’s be honest, when am I getting to these lists?

So I’m working on the computer while I’m curled up in bed, doing what I can on the list from here, I’m revamping my lists to the things that absolutely must get done & trying to prioritize the rest.

I know that this “funk” I’m in will pass.

I just hope its gone by morning because I have a lot to do!!